Aerial Photography

At eyesky we provide high resolution still aerial photography through the use of one of our custom UAV's (drones). Aerial photographs are beneficial throughout a diverse range of industrial and private uses.

Aerial Videography

We provide aerial videography for a multitude of industrial, commercial and private uses. Easy to launch and fly in varying locations and conditions, UAV's (drones) are a flexible tool for securing quality aerial videography.

2D/3D Mapping

Photogrammetry and 3D mapping  is a very useful tool during site development.
With current technology available, we are able to provide a detailed 3D image of a site or structure, including
all topography and spatial aspects.

Our Ultra HD time lapse systems are available for short or long term projects and can be utilised both internally or externally. A great option for securing imaging of a project overtime and includes fully edited cutting edge marketing content. See a sample here.



Steven Andriolo, chief pilot and director of eyesky, has always enjoyed an enthusiatic interest in RC hobbies,  and so it followed that a keen interest drones and UAV 's developed.


A hobby grew into a business model when Steven saw potential for the growth of UAV technology in the many facets of business operations.

He paired his drone experience with another hobby, photography, and eyesky was formed. The ability to create quality and targeted aerial imaging and videography became accessible to anyone. Based in Adelaide, but happy to travel Australia Wide, eyesky is a CASA approved, UOC licenced and fully insured aerial photography and videography business.

As aerial imaging specialists focusing predominantly, but not  exclusively, on the building and construction industry eyesky offer a tailored solution whereby customer service is the heighest priority.



Aerial Drone UAV Image
Aerial Drone UAV Image
Aerial Drone UAV Image
Aerial Drone UAV Image
Aerial Drone UAV Image
Aerial Drone UAV Image
Aerial Drone UAV Image
Aerial Drone UAV Image
Aerial Drone UAV Image
Aerial Drone UAV Image
Aerial Drone UAV Image




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Tailored Solutions

We pride ourselves on offerring tailored solutions to our customers.


Please contact us to disucss any aerial imaging needs you may have so we can customise a solution for you.